Timo McIntosh is a professional artist residing in Santa Clara, California.
He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography, manages his own web development company, and is currently the Director of Photography for two documentary film projects. Here is his list of do’s:

I am an artist.
I have an MFA. My family, friends and I earner my MFA together.
I am a professional Photographer.
I am thankful for my life.
I find immense joy in being a father, husband, and creature of this earth.
I taught 4 classes in photography at SJSU over two semesters.
I survived to the end of a dot-com start up.
I like using Perl, and I like the fact that it is a creative language.
I earned a Bachelors of Science in Physics.
I’ve built mysql and postgres databases.
I have used MACs since 1984.
I worked for 2 nuclear national labs and NASA.
I used to simulate Superconductors.
I led an after school camp.
I taught art and graphics art to 9th graders.
I taught art to 6th graders.
I designed and worked on a 40 foot mural.
I coach youth soccer professionally.
I taught junior high math and science for 3.5 months.
I built a greenhouse.
I have painted in oil, acrylic, AND watercolor.
I have made my own pueblo style pottery.
I believe bicycles are awesome.
I am in to the aesthetics of old bikes.
I fly fish.
I fly fish for trout.
I practice Catch and Release fishing.
I make and have sold fishing flies.
I dance, but I don’t sing.
I grow bonsai.
I knit, crochet, and sew.
I used to windsurf.
I like kayaking.
I love futbol.
I draw.
I write poetry but don’t consider myself a poet.
I do Linux  ~]$hell.
I know the scientific names of many plants and animals.
I was both an amateur and student Astronomer.
I presented at several student science research conferences.
I was an intra-mural soccer champion at UC Davis.
I officially started a college club.
I garden.
I compost.
I like gym climbing.
I fight.
I love.
I think.

I Solve Problems.

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