In his world he went by the name of Lomax. There he could search for his meaning in life without the hardships of really finding himself. The real flesh of Lomax lived in a small flat like so many of his kind. The new young. Not really attached to much that was out there. He just drifted in and out of his games and rooms. Lomax had the power to change his world. He could be the astronaut that Mrs. Rinkly told him he could be in 2nd grade. He even became the ruler of his own nation on one spin of his globe. When Chromium met him there wasn’t all that much to know. She knew how Lomax lived and died. She knew where he lived and who he worked for. Chrom didn’t need the man behind Lomax. She needed his jack.

Lomax’s favorite food came out of a can. He liked those classic ravioli’s that played in his memories from childhood. The canned food he picked up on the way home from work every few days kept him alive; nothing more. Lomax wasn’t trained to do what he did. He didn’t mean to fall into his industry, but there were big bucks in it for him when he began. There isn’t too much to say about his cube. Like the rest of the state, he had 25 square feet to call his own.

He sits in front of his screen so many hours a day that he forgets what his voice sounds like. His mental waves are filled with the pounding nature of Lomax, his identity. The power his keyboard offers thumps through his mind so often that there is little distinction between the man and the reality he finds on screen.

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