Some Art finally, but the end…

I am finally getting down to the dregs of what was once my studio at SJSU. There are so many little odds and ends that go into making a body of work, that when its time to clean it all out, inevitably there is a lot of tossing and stirred up emotions.

I still had the M&M’s from the series by that name. About 5 years old now, they still look fresh and edible. Well, not anymore, now that they have been added to the compost pile and sprayed with water. Like burning the shards of picture framing wood from my MFA show last summer, this had a definite performance act attached to it. Plus, it was very cathartic, and photogenic. Who knows maybe I’ll make another series about decomposing art dregs. I”m off to a good start with these photos I think. Here is just one, so you get an idea of what it looks like.

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