It’s occurred to me that one of the big problems we face is that we as a country and increasingly the world can only make decisions based on an economic model. Economic models are horribly flawed, and economists would tell us that basing everything on them would be a mistake. So why then do we judge everything in terms of an investment or monetary value? The government should be in debt, that’s all it can do is spend money, and in a time when there is not much to go around the government will have to spend more. Education? It’s not an investment, so much as a goal into itself. Educated people make better citizens, partners, lovers, and brothers.

So I wonder what a post-economic model would be. This is not the same as a philanthropic endeavor, because that is still termed in economic ways. Why does giving always revolve around those without the money, and therefore considered to be in need. I know plenty of people that need a lot of emotional and psychological help who have plenty of money. If there were to be a non-profit to help those people, it would get laughed out of town.

Anyway, just a thought. Maybe I’ll expand on this as time goes.

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